🖍Crayon Fun in PA🚗

Last weekend we met Gina, Tom and the boys at The Crayola Experience in Easton,… Pennsylvania…it’s halfway between our houses and it was a nice visit for us all!!!

We stayed in a suite at the Marriott Residence Inn…they had these cute little
backpacks for the kids, filled with Crayola supplies!!!  Parker and Aaden were so excited, here they are climbing a giant marker…and the kids playing with Nina’s iPhone in the suite😉

We were all very excited too…I just love crayons, markers and anything to do with coloring and art, and my grandchildren do too!!!   The right photo is a  layout of the 4 floors of The Experience…I would highly recommend this little trip for your children or grandchild…especially living in or visiting on the east coast USA.

IMG_0833Parker and Aaden in front of the largest crayon in the world!!!
IMG_0965Enjoying coloring with any color crayon imaginable…they provide lots of coloring pages and supplies!!

Playing with Model Magic, which is like a lightweight playdough…yes, the adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids…how did that alien get in my purse???IMG_1025Running between floors…good exercise…but they do have elevators!

This is the crayon melting and molding center…made myself a ring…the kids made little cars!

Coloring pages you can make instantly,  after taking your picture in the photo booth!!


And another cool thing that I was very excited about doing, you can make your own crayon wrapper…here Gina and Tom are helping Parker making his on a computer…this is my crayon!!


And that was the end of a busy fun day…



And now an outfit for dinner…A flowered tunic with white jeans and a navy light-knit cardigan, silver and gray flip-flops, gray purse and white sunglasses…and of course a pedi to match the outfit!!

Aaden and I all ready to go to dinner…he just loved me getting him into a headlock😂


Recycle old crayons into these fun shapes…

This is easy and fun…look who’s helping me…my 98-year-old mom, on her porch…  We are making these for the end of year gifts for my class!!  Just peel the wrappers off crayons…

break them into small pieces and put them into any kind of mold, these are candy mold trays, but you could use ice cube trays or small cupcake trays…I’m making stars for the boys and butterflies for the girls…  After they are in the trays, bake them in a 250-degree oven for 10 to 15 minutes… No prepping the pan…when they are cool, turn the tray upside down and they will pop right out!!!  The bottom right photo is after they come out of the oven, some of them look dark, like all the colors are mixed together, but


when they’re turned over, what a big surprise, how beautiful the colors look!!!



Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, all those grandfathers and future dads!!!

Two of the best dads I know, Victor, Tom and the best Uncle VJ…

Devoted, Kind and Loved❤️

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