🐣Me and the Chicks Ready to Fly the Coup🐥


Every year in kindergarten, as part of the science curriculum, we get eggs from a farm, nurture them for 21 days and watch them hatch…


We keep the eggs in an incubator at 100 degrees, then in 21 days out comes the most magnificent creatures…can you believe that egg on the right, it looks just like an Easter egg, one of our teachers, with a keen eye, caught it just at the right time…
IMG_0129And here they are just out of the eggs and still a little wet…but in no time they fluff up and start waddling around!!


IMG_0435These are the chicks, a day old, a week old and finally 2 weeks and ready to fly!!!



And this is me, a young “chick” starting out as the first guidance secretary at the high school in the school system I work in…this was in 1971, I was 19 years old, just out of secretarial school…why they hired such a young person I’ll never know…but it worked out!!!  Six years later I had my first child and then substituted as a secretary until I became a kindergarten assistant teacher in l986…over 32 years I’ve been in kindergarten, pulled out of the classroom for 6 months to be the school secretary, then worked in the special needs classes and 6 years ago came back to kindergarten!!!  Most of the time I was lucky enough to job share, which allowed me to be more accessible to my own children and now the past 10 years to my parents.  It’s now time for me to “fly the coup,” after being in the same school system for 47 years!!!  It’s been a wonderful run, the staff and teachers, my friends, have nurtured me over the years…getting me through some tough times in my life and celebrating with me through the happy times!!  I was so lucky to be in the “incubator of life” with the highest quality of humanity a person could be with on the face of this earth!!  Every single one of them will be in my heart forever❤️

Version 2  And now we are both ready to spread our wings and fly…

17 thoughts on “🐣Me and the Chicks Ready to Fly the Coup🐥

  1. Carolyn, I love your blog and this one in particular resonates with me. With both of us retiring from the same wonderful school at the same time I share your feelings about our colleagues who are also our friends! I know you will have plenty to keep you busy and happy. I look forward to celebrating together in the 20th 🙂

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    1. Thank you Regina, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog…one of the things that’s going to keep me busy and happy:) I can see how busy you have been with that adorable granddaughter:) I’m honored and relieved to have our retirement party to share🥂


  2. Congratulations Carol! Retirement is like a rebirth – like the 🐣 chicks coming out your shell for a a second time! And stepping into an entirely different world! I hope you love it as much as I do. I would love to get together again!

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  3. I read till the end and wanted to ask about chickens – what will happen to them – they are given away to farm? But then before I can comment I have to scroll down through all the comments… retirement?! scrolled back up and can’t see where – retirement is mentioned 🙂 “And now we are both ready to spread our wings and fly…” Here in Lavia retirement starts from 63 and my mom is in retirement. I would never think you are 60! ‘But then your blog name says it all! I look at my mom and I think it’s such a wonderful time! And she is busy all the time doing what she loves! 🙂

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    1. Yes, the little chicks went back to the farm where the eggs came from:) I am retiring🤗 I will be 66 in August!!! However, much of the time I will be caring for my mom, so I won’t be entirely free, but because I love her I’ll still be doing what I love:) Your mom is lucky, especially to have 3 beautiful granddaughters to visit❤️

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