⛱”If You’re Fond of Salty Air…You’re Sure to Fall in Love with Old Cape Cod”🐟

For those who have never heard of or don’t know where it is, Cape Cod is a hook shape peninsula on the east coast of Massachusetts.  The map on the left shows where Massachusetts is and on the right, you can see the hook shape land that is a vacation destination for many people around the world but mostly for those living in New England…

So this is about our Beach Cottage on Cape Cod!!   We bought this tiny
cottage on a tiny plot of land, 32 years ago!!  What it lacks in size, it makes up in soul…IMG_0459 2This is the view from outside our cottage on the street looking
down at the ocean…a great family beach is at the end of that road…IMG_0477This is a classic Cape Cod Cottage, which is sadly becoming a rarity…lots of people are knocking them down and building larger more modern efficient homes…and who can blame them, it’s hard to keep an old cottage by the sea working and in good condition.   Victor and I love the old charm of it, and so we work hard to keep it in the best condition we can…And so this is it, a view from the street looking through the gate into our yard…Before taking this photo, I had just finished planting our 9 window boxes, 3 flower pots and some flowers around the shrubs in the front…something I do every year on Memorial Day weekend:)  I’m not done though, I still have my herb garden to plant and more planting in the backyard …IMG_0471This is another view that shows our “master bedroom” on the far right:)IMG_0518A view from our dining area, looking out to that gate in our front yard…the middle fancy jar filled with shells that were mostly found on The Cape…the jar on the left is filled with sea glass, all found on our many walks on our beach and neighboring beaches… every time we are on these walks, I thank the universe for this jewel of a house🙏🏽

IMG_0498Our back door, that opens up into our kitchen,  this photo is taken from the back gate…that vine has grown around our door for 25 years, it is a climbing hydrangea…you can see the flower buds are out, ready to bloom white flowers…not as showy as a regular hydrangea, but the vine of lush green leaves makes up for that…IMG_0509Gina had this sign made for us…we call our cottage Sea EsCape…  You can see the branches of the vine are like a tree!!

IMG_2196This cottage is my happy place…but when my two grandsons come to stay with us, it takes my happy place to whole new level❤️



Me walking on our beach…Gina striking a yoga pose on our jetty…

“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it in your heart, wherever you go.”

Here is a little walk down memory lane with music from Patti Page, singing “Old Cape Cod” along with a scenic video of The Cape, click here to listen and watch…

8 thoughts on “⛱”If You’re Fond of Salty Air…You’re Sure to Fall in Love with Old Cape Cod”🐟

  1. Love your cottage. So typical of Cape Cod. What town are you in? We lived in W. Barnstable till 1995 when we moved to North Carolina. Still miss the Cape at times and try to get up to MA once a year! Please post some more pictures of your charming cottage!


    1. Thank you Nancy!!❤️ I will be posting photos of the outside and inside of the cottage all through the summer…and our adventures all over The Cape:) North Carolina is beautiful and your photos on FB are lovely!!! So nice to be in touch after all these years!!


  2. Carol, I always loved your little cottage on the Cape. I have some very happy memories of weekends there with the “girls”. Miss those times!


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