🌿My Herb Garden and a Handy Tip for Gardening🍓

A photo of my potted herb garden and pots waiting to be revived from a hard winter and spring…


We live near the center of town and the houses in our area do not have much land…our backyard isn’t really a yard at all, it’s a courtyard with a brick patio…there is enough room around the patio for some shrubs and a tree that surround the patio…we love this because there is no mowing…IMG_0187I have had an herb garden every year since we had our first home…46 years of herb gardens plus our herb garden on Cape Cod, which is another post for another day…I think I was an herbal medicine woman in another life:)  So on the top tier of my potting bench from left to right are flat leaf parsley, dill and thyme…on the patio behind me is a pot of rosemary, I’m planting basil and next to that is something I tried this year for the first time…planting 2 plants together…red leaf lettuce and chives, behind those I have chocolate mint…it smells so divine!!IMG_0214 This is a big pot of oregano on my patio table with a heart shape rock that Victor found for me❤️   Notice in the background is a strawberry pot…this is the first year I’ve planted strawberries in it…years before I’ve put impatient plants in it…hope it works out this year!!IMG_0198.jpgAnd these are the strawberries…notice the reddish powder on the leaves…this is a Handy Tip…it is chili powder, I sprinkle it on my plants, it keeps the animals from eating my bulbs and flowers…I’ll let you all know if it works for our strawberries!!!IMG_0196This is me with a hat…you usually won’t see me out in the sun without one…I had melanoma on my arm 2 years ago and had it removed along with a lymph node…I was lucky, they got it all and I have been okay having regular check-ups at the dermatologist!!  I also wear a long sleeve shirt in the sun and if I possibly can to the beach too…If I have any skin exposed, you better know I have a high SPF lotion on!!  I don’t take it for granted that I was very lucky and I will forever take care of my skin…I encourage you all to get regular check-ups at a dermatologist…


Sadly once again, my heart and prayers go out to the victims, families and friends of the latest school shootings in Santa Fe, Texas…


Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 10.05.48 AMWhat the world needs now is love, sweet love!

5 thoughts on “🌿My Herb Garden and a Handy Tip for Gardening🍓

  1. I’m inspired (pot garden)! You look lovely in that hat! I’m sorry about melanoma and hope you will never have one again! My friend who is only 34 years old had one and ended up with 15 stitches under breast :(. I’m covered with moles (is that how you call them) and I don’t like sunbathing – I haven’t been in sun for 6 years, but now I want to get tan… a bit!

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    1. I’m glad you’re inspired, that’s one of my aims for this blog:) I’m sorry about your friend’s melanoma, that’s a lot of stitches, hope hers does not come back. Mine was on the underneath of my arm, where the sun doesn’t reach??? The doctor told me that sometimes it’s hereditary, although there is no history in my family??? Sometimes things just happen, but I was very lucky:) Just be careful if you have lots of moles (you got it right.)

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      1. I know! I’m trying to! But the first thing I realise when I was in sun (just for 10 minutes) they get darker…. all of them! I think I have 200 of them 😀

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