🏛Visions of Inviting Doors on My Walk Around Town🚪

We live in the historic suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, where some of the houses are from 1700’s to early 1900’s…  We even have one of the oldest wooden house in America, which is close by but not in my neighboorhood…I will do a post on that house at some point, but now enjoy these beautiful old doors in my neighborhood…

I thought I would start with our front door…this week as I took these photos, it was finally the warmest days of the spring…some trees were in full bloom like this one overhanging in this photo…  When we bought this house, 14 years ago, it was brown with yellow trim…it was built in 1910 and when we renovated it we tried to get as close to the period of the house as we could…  Victor added dental molding over the door and extra wide moldings on either side of the door, we also replaced the aluminum storm door with a wood one.

A house with a similar door as ours, built in 1910…notice the blue ceiling, round fluted columns and a nice front porch…front porchAnother nice front porch and detailed moldings around door and columns…

Transom windows over the doors, the top 2 are arched…bottom 2 are square, the right one has a flower pattern within the square…

These 3 homes have inviting pathways to their front doors…

Beautiful arch wooden doors on this stone church built in 1858…front door is on left and side door is on right… There is an old cemetery in the back of this church with gravestones dating back to the 1600’s…

These doors will have beautiful Wisteria Vines blooming around them in about a month…

These are examples of decorative windows over front doors…the building on the right is a newly renovated town hall and senior center!!!


BE BRAVE…open a door you have never opened before, you never know what’s behind it…it could be amazing…you always have the option to close it, but at least you found out what was behind it… Can I tell you about a door I opened just this week?? It was this door… fred I’ve walked by it for 10 years on my power walks and always wondered what it would be like behind those doors, I would love to take ballroom dancing,  but I was afraid to even open that door…afraid that everyone was going to be better and that I couldn’t keep up, but I mustered the courage and walked through that door all by myself to attend a Zumba class!!! The teachers and students couldn’t have been nicer and I had a wonderful class and even watched some couples dancing…I will go back again and someday muster up the courage to take a ballroom dancing lesson… who knows what the future will bring…maybe I’ll become a ballroom dancer and Victor too… 💃 🕺 😂

Eleanor Roosevelt
You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.

15 thoughts on “🏛Visions of Inviting Doors on My Walk Around Town🚪

    1. Hi Carol Hope you have a blog. Love ❤️ reading the stories about the doors etc. Hope to be reading a lot more😉😉😉 And the painting. Fabulous

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      1. So happy you stopped by to read my blog, Kathy🤗 Yes, I knew that our classmates would enjoy seeing Toni’s work of art❤️ I would love to see more of her art, I hope she posts some on Facebook👍


  1. Wonderful! I saw “dance studio” doors and wonder what’s inside, have you ever walked through the door and I’m glad you shared it! Never been in Zumba class, but heard a lot of it! 🙂 Nice!

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    1. Yes, just last week I went in and took the Zumba class there…it’s in a beautiful historic building with crystal chandeliers and lovely wooden floors…I didn’t take photos of the inside…maybe another post😉 Zumba is dancing to modern music with some Latin steps, in a group setting for about an hour…a good workout and fun…I love to dance💃

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      1. I know Zumba, heard a lot, but have no access to such class 🙂 I bet I couldn’t dance more than 5 minutes :). Oh, please share in next post, if you can take a pictures from inside 🙂

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  2. At some point I will share photos from the inside, I need to get to know the teachers a little better, last week was my first class there:) There are lots of Zumba classes on YouTube, I bet your daughters would love to do it with you💃


  3. I enjoyed this blog. Your neighborhood looks amazing just from the doors!
    I’m sure Victor has a little Fred Astaire in him.

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  4. I visited Boston a couple of years ago and I had no idea how beautiful it was until we did a walking tour. Your so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I just love the variety of architecture.


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