🕰It’s About Time and Eating Breakfast🍓

This is about time that my father made…he made time for his hobby of clock making…

These are some of the clocks my dad made, that are still in his home where
my mom lives…


Four years ago my son VJ did their basement over and made this clock wall out of those clocks…  Dad renovated that cuckoo clock, but all the rest he made in his humble workshop…


VJ also organized his grandfather’s workshop, displaying all his vintage tools and has taken over the woodworking skills to aid him in his entrepreneurial job of renovating small condos…IMG_9241I love decorating with clocks, especially vintage looking ones they remind me of those old cozy paneled libraries, but most of all they remind me of my father…  All the following clocks were made or brought back to life by my dad and I am very lucky to have them displayed in my home…this one is in my dining room and has a lovely Westminster chime…the small Buddha statue was my dad’s along with some of his old books…IMG_9269This clock in my living room was a vintage find, in which my father brought back to its original glory… A spot in my house where I enjoy relaxing☕️

IMG_9281This clock, displayed on our family room mantle, also chimes with the Westminster tune…

IMG_9283This clock, in our kitchen, is my favorite and also chimes…people often ask us if we get tired of listening to 3 clocks chiming… to be honest, we don’t even notice it anymore, it’s background noise, but a soothing one…  A note about those pots and pans…we have had hanging pots and pans in all the houses we’ve lived in since we first got married…and OH, they are the same pots, 50 years old!!!  Also, the “CUCINA” sign means “kitchen” in Italian…

My Dad

P1080099 copyMy dad was French, he learned to speak French before English…his name was René…a very humble, gentle and quiet soul…among his other hobbies besides clock making was woodworking, he made furniture… and cooking, his specialties were beef bourguignon, bouillabaisse and apple pie!!!  He retired as the chief purchasing agent at the VA Hospital in Boston when he was 58…he loved retirement and was always around to lend a helping hand…this photo was taken when he was 95 years old…  dad and meMy Dad and me💗    He passed when he was 98…


IMG_9232Now it’s time for eating breakfast…These are the raw ingredients of my breakfast…I have this breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, Monday through Friday…either instant with no sugar or steel cut oats…

If I have time to make a half cup of steel cut, it will last for a week… I store it in this airtight glass container in the frig and just spoon out what I need before putting it in the microwave and adding all the other ingredients…IMG_9293I warm up the oatmeal for 1 minute in the microwave, then I add a handful of walnuts, a sprinkle of cinnamon, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and bananas and warm it up for another minute, add flax milk and my breakfast is ready…                       Fleur-De-Lis on WhatsApp 2.17

One of the many things I learned from my father, was to make time for the important things in life…family, food and hobbies…and you can see through this blog that is exactly what I’m doing…

My wish for all of you is that you’re able to make the time to do what you love…


7 thoughts on “🕰It’s About Time and Eating Breakfast🍓

  1. You are lucky to have your fathers work around the house. Also, thank you for your wish! That is what I’m trying to do and to achieve. Don’t know what will happen after I win the competition and start my business (if I win)! What is “steel cut oats” I would ask.. but then I googled – all clear 🙂
    I’m fun of savory breakfast but sometimes I eat porridge with berries 🙂

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    1. Yes, I feel that a part of my father is still alive in the things that he made:) Steel cut oats are a natural oatmeal, less processed, better for you and creamier, but requires more cooking time…30 minutes virsus 1 minute for the instant oatmeal. I perfer sweet breakfast but probably more calories in the sweet:( I hope you win, I’ll be rooting for you, you deserve it!!!🙏🏽

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      1. Thank you! I hope that I could balance everything 🙂 For now – need to clean house and sort out our belongings … somehow it got dirty and messy while wrote a businnes plan 😀

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