🙌Dirty Hands…and Flowers Everywhere🌻🌼🌷🦋

IMG_8908I was so excited to start getting my hands dirty, planting the first flowers of the season on my day off, but when I woke up on Wednesday, look what I saw
on my weather app…30 degrees and foggy😩  Because I have people looking at my blog from all over the world I have to explain that here in the northeast United States, we are supposed to have spring weather in April, but instead, we have had cold, rain and snow too!! Even for our famous Boston Marathon on this Patriot’s Day, tomorrow, it is supposed to be a windy, cold and heavy rain!!   Well, I decided to plant just one pot of hardy spring bulbs anyways…After all if we are not getting plants coming up from the ground, at least we can enjoy the color in a pot…IMG_8936Here are pots of hyacinth,  daffodils and tulips…IMG_8950Now for getting my hands dirty…it was tight, but I got all these beauties in this old weathered pot…IMG_8941And this is the finished product…I inserted pussy willows, that I had on my dining room table, in the middle of the pot to add some hight to the arrangement…flowers on porch.jpgThis is where we will see this cheery pot,  greeting us when we come home and walk up the back stairs to enter the house…This was taken a couple of days after planting and as you can see more daffodils have bloomed but not the tulips yet…


necklace flat lay outfitMore flowers to add color to this outfit…a black knit top and black and white tweed look knit pants both from Lululemon, brightened up with a flowered necklace and bracelet from Old Navy and Tom’s black lace comfy flats…necklace and bracelet on black

This is a close-up of the flowered necklace and bracelet…

me in outfit

A few of my readers have asked if they could see a picture of me in the outfits that I show…I do not enjoy taking photos of myself, but I will try to get better at doing it…I wore this outfit to school and it inspired me to make these flowers with our kindergarten students…



IMG_9013These giant flowers and butterflies really help to cheer up the classroom on these dreary cold rainy and snowy spring days!!!  The children had a blast doing them…they just traced the petals on brightly colored construction paper, cut and glued them together…great for fine motor skills!!!  The butterflies were made from paper towels cut into the shape of a butterfly and dabbed with watercolor paint and after they dried I sinched them in the middle with colored pipe cleaners and the ends form the antennas…fun activity for children and grandchildren…

Thoughts to Ponder on Flowers

“Look at a flower…Let your awareness rest upon it…How still they are, how deeply rooted in Being…Allow nature to teach us stillness.”   Eckart Tolle

Even on these cold, cloudy and snowy spring days, the flowers are growing, just a little slower…Let the flowers teach us to be still, patient and grounded…All will be in perfect order and the flowers will grow and eventually bloom…like us!!!

I consider myself a late bloomer…a very late bloomer…at 65 I am following my heart…  💗=💐

8 thoughts on “🙌Dirty Hands…and Flowers Everywhere🌻🌼🌷🦋

  1. Love the idea of planting them outside!!!! Also, outfit! I read and scroll down and wonder how it will look on you!? And YES! Finally! Thank you!!! You look lovely! And the outfit is really brightened up with that bracelet and necklace! Beautiful!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re so sweet Ilze!! Yes, I like telling a story with pictures, creating a mood or tone and I enjoy the artistic side of fashion, the colors and shapes. What a joy to have a blog to play with all these artistic things, so glad I found it, even at my advanced age:)


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