🌸Spring and Easter…New Beginnings…🐇

Easter and Spring bring a renewed feeling and a time for thinking of those who have a special place in our hearts…IMG_8578This is what we are giving our grandsons, it might give you some gift ideas for your children or grandchildren…  Looking for an Easter gift bag for our grandsons was particularly hard, so I made them…these were super easy…IMG_8605I combined a few things I saw on Pinterest, so I made a template up myself, but all it requires is ovals and circles and a rounded triangle for the nose, I used scrapbook paper from a book that I bought at ACMoore in the discount bin and pink construction paper for the paws, nose and ears and put it together with Elmer’s glue, so it will take a while to dry…also I used a black Sharpie for the eyes and mouth, and there you have it, a bunny bag for your little bunny… IMG_8559Now, for what we put in those bags…size 8 for Aaden and size 5 for Parker, navy sweatshirt jackets, khaki cargo shorts, shark polo shirts all from Old Navy, snacks and goodies from Whole Foods, because Gina likes them to eat all natural with natural vegetable food dyes and not a lot of sugar (she’s a good Mama)… Also, iTune gift cards to buy movies and the things that they will like the most, remote control cars for rugged terrain!!  The cars did not fit in the bags, so I wrapped them separately in bubblegum wrapping paper!!

                            🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇 🐇🐇

IMG_8618My Easter outfit…Lilac drape front cardigan, flowered lilac, blue and black fit and flare knit top, black knit slacks, lilac flats with crome and pearl buckle,  pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings…however, I might switch out the black slacks for skinny jeans🤗IMG_8619Our family’s Easter picture from 1954…I’m the little one in the front…oh my how times have changed…

IMG_8587This might give you an idea of what to give some special people in your life…I made baskets up with pots of English ivy in little baskets and I made the purple bows on a pick and put them in the soil!!  Great little hostess gifts too…

See the new growth of grass coming up from the winter ground cover…new beginnings!!…

At this time of new beginnings, when the signs of spring are all around us, may the hope that Easter and the joy that is spring fill your world with love and happiness!


7 thoughts on “🌸Spring and Easter…New Beginnings…🐇

    1. We love to go a little overboard when it comes to our grandchildren…yes, the bunnies would be cute for your girls:) Now for a picture of me in my Easter outfit😩…I love taking photos for my blog and I love fashion, it’s a way for me to express my creativity, but the thing I love the least is taking pics of myself…you are so sweet to ask…when I where it again, I’ll take a pic and post it💗😉

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