❄️Outside, Snowing…Inside Spring🌸

IMG_8061Outside, snowing…Inside spring!!  A bright cheery outfit for the warmer weather ahead, with a springtime wall decoration…Fuschia jacket, fuchsia and sage flowered scarf, sage skinny jeans and grapevine wreath with colored eggs and silk flowers…all bought at T.J. Maxx!!

IMG_8100Fuschia flowered slingback flats from Payless…IMG_8069Walking in my back door to my porch, this is what I see…it’s always nice to have something pleasant to greet you when you walk in the door…

IMG_8078.jpgSnow on the roof on this day, Sunday,  but it was a nice day to sit on the porch, my favorite place to sit in spring, summer and fall…my father made that bench…it’s great for my feet, books,  laptop and a big gulp of peace mug…I like to bring my houseplants out to the porch once it gets warmer, they really flourish out there…And my hat and bag are always ready for the Farmers Market, just a short walk down the street…

But today another noreaster, 12 to 18 inches predicted…as our lights are flickering…A hot cup of coffee waiting for Victor, after the first shovel…Yes, I will be out to help…I look at shoveling as a great form of constructive cardio exercise💪

“Life is all the way you look at it…

❄️Outside all around you, can be cold, snowing and stormy…       

🌸Inside of you can be warm and cozy…

🌻But help the ones that are in the storm…”

Carolyn Servello

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