Patience for Spring and Patience for a Craft


IMG_8019I took a picture of this little guy on Thursday…he seems to be waiting very patiently, sitting on this very snowy branch…Patiently for what?…SPRING…Yes, he’s saying, “Carolyn be patient, it will come, it always does, until then enjoy the beauty around you…and so I did…

Beauty in my backyard, the long pine needles and my bench with a basket of forsythia on my front porch…

The top photo is a close-up of a hole in the snow…blue like the sky and fluffy like cotton balls…the bottom photos are visions of my yard, beautiful for Christmas, but…I know patience…



IMG_7973 2These are my good friends Claire and Denise…Beautiful ladies💜  It was Claire’s birthday and I wanted to give her something thoughtful…It had been awhile since I had given her jewelry that I had made…so I thought if I look at her Facebook page and see what colors she is wearing lately and make her a bracelet and earrings, that would be a thoughtful gift…So I saw that she wore a lot of pink and so I went shopping for pink beads…Now it takes a lot of patience, not only to make jewelry but to shop for beads and fixings…I prefer to go by myself, so I can take my time and avoid the rolling eyes of my family and friends…01These are the beads I choose, pink with gold plated fixings…and these are the tools and all the fixings that go into making a thoughtful birthday gift…including the decorative packaging made out of scrapbook paper…

IMG_7943And all the steps it takes to make a bracelet…yes, it takes patience…

And the decorative packaging…which I love to do…it matches the jewelry too…

IMG_7976And the result!!!  I think she was really happy…

I consider jewelry making a form of meditation…when I’m beading, I’m totally focused on the task and therefore not thinking about problems in my life…

🔴🔴Patience+Focusing+Beads=Bracelet & Earrings=Happy Friend=Happy Life🔴🔴



4 thoughts on “Patience for Spring and Patience for a Craft

  1. Carol, I do love my birthday gift. Thank you so much. I really liked reading about how you chose the colors and how you meditate while creating the jewelry.
    You never cease to amaze me! You are such a treasured friend. It’s been 38 years and I am still learning from you and about you! You may not realize but you have always been a mentor to me in many ways. As your next door neighbor when I became a mother, you led the way. I don’t know what I would have done without your kindness and insight and friendship.
    Love you, love your blog 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Claire, I am awed and humbled by your sentiments!! Aren’t we the lucky ones to have each other as treasured friends?! If I am responsible in any way for the type of mother and grandmother you have been, I must be darn good🤗 So glad you love my blog, you helped me shape it and continue to do so! All my love reflected back to you💜💜


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