Jean Day at School and a Buddha Bowl Lunch…

IMG_7789The staff at our school is always so happy to have a “Jean Day”…It’s usually on Friday and if we wear jeans we make a donation to a charity that is decided by a staff member…a box is placed out in her classroom and we all stop by to drop off our donation in her box…a very noble act!!!  I was excited to wear spring colors to go with my jeans, this Friday, even though a Noreaster was roaring through with chilly driving rain and winds close to hurricane force…a perfect day to wear jeans!!  So I pulled together an outfit that matched my new blue and coral floral scarf…with a coral cable knit spring sweater, my favorite jeans with luggage color bowed flats,  and my blue and white lipstick purse with the torte shell clasp, just happen to match…  IMG_7793 The bracelet and earrings I wore are ones that I made of delft print blue and white beads and cobalt blue beads with silver fixings…a favorite I wear with jeans!!!  I’m hoping to sell my jewelry on Etsy once I retire in June…IMG_7807Now for lunch…I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful the colors and textures of these simple ingredients for my Buddha bowl lunch came together…it made a nice setting for a renaissance look picture!!  My copper watering can and parsley plant make a lovely backdrop for the purple kale, clementine, blood orange, feta cheese, blueberries, pecans and pomegranate seeds…  IMG_7831.jpgAll those ingredients go on top of a base of quinoa in this handy glass bowl that has a fitted cover…as usual, I used a dressing of extra virgin olive oil and ginger blackberry balsamic vinegar…I made this Buddha bowl the night before and just threw it in my lunch bag before dashing off to work in the morning… IMG_7845My friend Betty took this picture as we sat in our kindergarten classroom for our half-hour lunch break…while the kids were at recess…yes we’re sitting in the kids’ chairs, eating at their tables😉

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