My Retreat and a Disguise Tip…

IMG_7635So this is one of the places, in my house that I come to relax…read, watch TV or meditate…a comfy chair in the corner of my bedroom…Victor might find me with the afghan up around my neck, sipping a cup of tea and maybe eating a snack while reading a good book or watching a Hallmark Movie…IMG_7640This is the view coming into my bedroom…the walk out bay window drenches the room in the afternoon sun, a relaxing oasis…but the artwork and the basket filled with books are disguising something that is not so pleasing to the eye…

IMG_7633    Can you see what they are???  It’s the TV, clock and other electronics on the cabinet, on the floor to the right of the cabinet are several feet of wires that hook up every electronic thingy in our house and big wall plugs…I happen to think they look messy, so I hide them behind artwork and a wire basket filled with books and rolls of matching wallpaper for height to hide the plugs…

All you need to do is lay a piece of artwork against your TV and there you have a disguise!!  Then I placed a wire basket of books in front of a nest of wires and added rolls of leftover wallpaper, from the rooms we’ve wallpapered, for height, to disguise wall plugs…  (Framed artwork and wire basket both from Home Goods.)

Version 2

A Meditation Practice

That comfy chair is one of the few places in my house where I meditate…I’m not an expert meditator, but I enjoy it and do it to de-stress, stay centered and grounded…when I started  meditating I found the body scan practice was the easiest and you don’t have to “empty your mind” like so many people say is too hard and stops them from meditating…  Just sit in a comfortable position, start with your feet and notice how they feel, you might feel a tingly, warm sensation, then progress up to your legs, hips, stomach, until you reach your head, by then you might feel your whole body warm and tingly, it might take 3 to 5 minutes, when ended you should feel grounded and relaxed.  To read and hear in detail, how to do a body scan meditation practice, press here.  Enjoy🙏🏽


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