My Visions of a Visit to Boston

So Victor gave me tickets for Christmas to “Love Never Dies” at the Opera House on Washington Street, it is a sequel to “Phantom of the Opera!”  Last Saturday we traveled the 20 minute drive from our house into Boston…every time I go to Boston I feel like a
tourist…amazed at how such a big city can have a warm and cozy atmosphere that is rich with culture and beautiful old architecture…The photos show Trinity Church in Copley Square in front of John Hancock Building on the left, the State House Dome on the bottom right, I don’t know the building in the top right photo, but it is across from Trinity Church, if anyone knows it please let me know in the comments below??  We parked in the underground garage in the Boston Common…Looking for a restaurant for lunch, we decided on our old favorite, the Bristol Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel on Boylston Street…

When Gina was a child and even now, whenever she visits a bathroom in a restaurant, she rates it…Her rating system is 1-10, 10 being the best…So going by her system, I would say the Bristol Bar’s ladies room gets a 10++…the top left picture shows an individual stall, with sinks in each stall, marble countertops and cloth-like towels!!!  I kind of judge a restaurant by the bathroom…  Bottom left photo is me with our waiter, Ricardo, who was so very attentive and personable, we remember him as our waiter from last year… the right photo is Victor’s burger which was juicy and delicious, but the fries outshined the burger, they were crispy, cheesy and salted to perfection!!!  Without a reservation, we got right in at noon,  but didn’t get a window seat, in which if you want you should make a reservation.  This restaurant is a splurge for us, we go maybe once a year, I would recommend it wholeheartedly for a special occasion or just because…The menu is here.

Then we walked a mile to the Boston Opera House on Washington Street…”Love Never Dies” was a good production, a little dark, but worth seeing for the costumes and the talent of the actors’ operatic voices…I wish I could have taken pictures of the costumes, but the ushers watch like hawks to make sure you don”t…At the end of the opera, you will know why love never dies, without giving the ending away, I won’t say more…But the star of the show, for me, was the Opera House…As you can see from the pictures the architecture is ornate, grand and absolutely awesome…the top pictures are of the inside of the theatre and the bottom is the lobby…lots of beautiful original moldings gone over with gold leaf and a multitude of huge crystal chandeliers…The domed ceiling in the theatre is like a mini Cysteine Chapel with angels sitting on clouds…for the history and restoration details of the Opera House go here.  After the show, we walked back to the garage, had no trouble getting out of the city and we were home by 6…So not bad for an afternoon in the city, we fit in lunch, a matinee and the experience and exercise of walking through the quaint, historic, elegance of Boston streets…This is the 1st part post in “My Visions of a Visit to Boston…” stay tuned for part 2, “Our Next Day Visit”…

Version 2

Thoughts on Shootings in Parkland, FL

“We need to help each other, to all get better”…I heard these words in passing while watching the Olympics, they were talking about teams getting better…Aren’t we all one big team, in the human race?…
In light of the school shootings…We need to help each other to comfort and find a way to a solution…we need to find a way to help the people that are the hardest to reach, the ones with mental illness…We need to help each other, to ALL get better.
My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims of this tragic event…my hope is that their lives being lost will inspire us to find solutions for society to live safely🙏🏽


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