A Soulful Event or a Sole Falling Apart Event…

So last weekend we went to Mohegan Sun to see Dancing With The Stars the Tour…The reason I call it a soulful event is…When I was a child, all I wanted to do is dance, my parents couldn’t afford lessons for me, my mom who was a seamstress made all the girls in the neighborhood their costumes for recitals…I drooled over those costumes…But my sister had a friend who let me try her costumes and tap shoes on, I would pretend I knew how to tap dance and just dance like no one was watching:)

Fast forward to Gina at 3 years old and I signed her right up for dance lessons, she loved it and I loved watching her, all the way up to college and beyond…

Gina at 3 years in her first recital.

Yes, Gina was a dancer and singer with Disney!!!  This is her as Ariel on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship and dancing in a variety show on the ship.  We just loved going on those cruises and being the proud parents in the audience…

However, I still wanted to dance, so in the 80’s I signed myself up for an adult tap class at the recreation department and tapped for 5 years, sadly until our teacher left…Then 15 years ago I signed up for dance aerobics 3 times a week and I’ve been dancing my heart and soul out ever since, that will be a blog post on its own…  Now you can see why I call it a soulful event…I suppose the 78-year-old husband and wife sitting next to us at the show would call it a soulful event for them, they are ballroom dance teachers!…And I suppose many people there would have many stories to tell and would call it a soulful event also…

Me far left tap dancing in a variety show, I finally got a costume??

But Victor would call it a sole falling apart event, for this reason…As we were walking around (I’d like to say we were doing the rumba or foxtrot, but we were gently walking), exploring Mohegan Sun when Victor suddenly said he felt something under his shoe,  he reached down and found a small part of his sole hanging off his shoe, he pulled it off and he said it was a little uncomfortable but he could still walk…but as we continued he noticed more of his sole falling apart in little pieces…it was a little startling and embarrassing!!!!  Now I have to say, these were a good pair of Ecco shoes, not worn all that much, maybe bought 5 years ago…As we kept walking more and more of his sole was disintegrating and falling apart and then his other sole started falling apart…WHAT THE HECK…how does this happen???  We were just standing there, not knowing which way to turn or what to do!!! As luck would have it, I looked around and noticed a store that looked like an LLBean, called Denali, they must have men’s shoes I said!!!  We hobbled into the store,  as we were looking around, more and more of his soles were disintegrating, all over the floor, sooo embarrassing!!!  We finally found a nice pair of Born shoes for him,  we picked up the crumbled pieces of sole, threw them in the new box along with the falling apart shoes, paid for the new ones and told the saleswoman to throw the whole box out…but stop!!…let us take a picture first…she just looked at us like we were a little odd,  no smile, no questions, no comments…maybe weirder things happen at Mohegan Sun…but that was definitely one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to us!!!

So we continued on our way with a new pair of shoes for Victor, had a wonderful meal at Ballo’s, took some pictures of superheroes and wrestling belts for Aaden and Parker, and Victor had fun playing a few slots…

When life gets busy and stressful, it’s good for your soul to meditate, do deep breathing, yoga and don’t forget to do what’s fun for your soul…it could be sports, singing, art or dance…whatever it is, find time, share it and help others find what their heart’s desire might be…Thank you, Victor, for this great Christmas gift and knowing what my heart desires…I’ll be watching the Super Bowl with you…

A short video from the show…

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