My Favorite Jewelry, Rumi and a Simple Life Well Lived…

IMG_6770These bracelet and earrings are my favorites that I’ve made…I know they’re simple, but I love the colors…the green is earthy and the red-flowered bead gives them 
an old world charm, together with the antique gold fixings they’re a little bohemian…reminds me of Rumi, who was from the old world, his poetry was written from the heart, as my jewelry is made from my heart…

Rumi without jewelryThese are my favorite Rumi quotes that I jotted down…Rumi was a poet who lived and practiced over 800 years ago.  It’s awe-inspiring how relevant his quotes are, even today…it would be an advantage for our society to follow much of his teachings…I would say he has healing words for troubled hearts…sadly, in which there are a lot of troubled hearts nowadays…  For more healing words from Rumi click here.

Photo closeup 3This photo in the grouping is of my dad, grandmother and great grandmother…my dad was a simple ordinary man, but look how elegant he looks, with two “grand” ladies on either side of him and a pipe in hand…his headstone reads “A Simple Life Well Lived…”

Version 2

I made this bracelet and earrings with beads from Bead Addiction in Walpole, MA…If you want a good quality unique bead, go to a specialty shop for beads…this shop offers classes in jewelry making, also jewelry making parties for all occasions, kids classes and so much more, visit their website here


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