3 Ways to Stay Warm…

upside down fireThe 1st way is this upside down fire…in building a fire usually we put the smaller pieces of wood and kindling on the bottom but, in the upside down fire you put them on the top and the bigger logs go on the bottom and alternate the direction they lay in as tight as you can.  You start the fire from the top and it burns down…If it is built right, it will give you about 2 to 3 hours of a good fire without having to attend it!!  This website does a great job of explaining it!

Aaden in front:fireWatching my grandson Aaden enjoying the fire, with his hands up feeling the warmth, gives me great pleasure…These days so many children bury their heads in the activities of electronics, which Aaden does and I do too, but at this moment I was mindful that he was enjoying something so simple as the warmth of this fire and grateful that I could share it with him…hopefully this will be one of many warm memories that we’ll both cherish for a lifetime…

Version 2

pink plaid scarf outfit

Looking for another color after the holidays that isn’t red??? Try hot pink!!…2nd way to stay warm…A hot pink plaid scarf makes a statement and keeps you warm heading towards Valentine’s Day…I found it on Amazon when I was looking for something to spark up my winter wardrobe:)  I paired it with clothes and accessaries I already had in my wardrobe, so just click on the blue highlighted words and it will bring you to websites that carry same or similar items. I paired the scarf with a Black cashmere cardigan  and white basic button down shirt.   Instead of pearls, a hot pink beaded necklace, bracelet or earrings (but please not all together), I made these, but you can get similar ones at Etsy!   I got these Lululemon stretch black and white tweed pants for Christmas, they are now sold out but I found similar ones for you.  Black ballet flats from Payless, still in stock and very comfortable!!  My iPad cover from Amazon, just happened to match the outfit and the diva wine glass, that Patty, my sister-in-law,  gave me, pulls it all together:-)

Version 2

Just drinking the Fireball Whiskey will keep you warm but this Winter Sangria recipe given to me by Patty, of course, is amazing!!!  Number 3 way will  warmup your insides…IMG_6559

Winter Sangriapic winter sangriaHot pink and yummy, not me, the drink:-) This is a great drink to make for company, maybe for these exciting football games we are all watching in New England…and keeping our fingers crossed…I have a great recipe to share in my next post, I’m making it tonight and hopefully it will be a great Super Bowl recipe…

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