Solution for a Little Thing that Went Wrong…

So the little thing that went wrong this week was, my knife block split down the side!!!…the kind that has “freedom rods that can store and secure cutlery of all shapes and sizes!!” Victor couldn’t even fix it!!!  Well I NEED knife storage, I use them so very often and depend on them being close at hand…I don’t have a huge kitchen and not a lot of storage, I had no room for them in draws and I didn’t want them laying about my counter…So I got on Pinterest to see if I could find a solution…I found many solutions, but this is the one I chose…Simply, put rice in a container and there you have a knife block that will “store and secure cutlery of all shapes and sizes!!”


Here are my homeless knives and these tins I saved from the 1970’s, when harvest gold was in???  I really liked them and thought that someday they would come back into style, I don’t know if they have come back into style, but I still like them and thought I’d give them a try…Victor bought me a big bag of inexpensive rice…I lined the tins with large baggies, just so the knives would rest on the plastic and the tins would stay cleaner.  I filled the baggies with rice, leaving about an inch from the top of container, then I cut the baggie right down to the rice line and filled more rice to hide top of baggie!!  Then I just put in the knives and scissors in too!!IMG_6370They work perfectly, haven’t even noticed rice on the counter, that I thought would happen!!!  The small one I’m using for steak knives and larger for utility knives.  If you have a modern kitchen, you might want to use a square glass vase or plain stainless steal tins…if the container is glass or new, you don’t even need to use a baggie!!!  IMG_6490Look what I made with my knives!!!  I was looking for what I could take a picture of  that had to do with knives, so I googled fruit carving and found this simple flower made of a clementine, strawberries and a blackberry!!  I thought it looked pretty easy and it was…this was my first try, if it didn’t come out good I could eat it, so it’s not perfect but it will do:)  Here are the directions in video form from Youtube… it’s the last fruit carved on the video.


Version 2

So the little thing that went wrong turned out to be a wonderful learning experience…I recycled something I had been saving for a long time, didn’t have to spend the money on a new knife block… Also, I learned how to make a clementine flower garnish…and I ate it:)     I would love to know if you try either one!!!

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