Visions of My Christmas

This Christmas Eve, some of our family went out for dinner… My father started this tradition many years ago, we still keep it alive…This year we were lucky to find Wild Blossom Chinese Cuisine, Islington, MA open for business… We had a wonderful meal and the waitress was very attentive to our every need and appetizers and meal came promptly and were delicious!!!  It was our first time there and we will definitely go back, maybe even for New Years…IMG_5934 2On the left starting in the front is my sister Marilyn, my husband Victor, my son V.J., my nieces Courtney and Kara and their father Don.  On right starting in front is my dear cousin Janet, my mom, my sister-in-law Sue,  my brother Anthony and my sister-in-law Patty!!!IMG_5994Merry Christmas y’all! So Patty, my sister-in-law, gave these cute tee shirts to us for Christmas:)  She got them in Memphis at shop called The Muse, I couldn’t find it on their website but I found them on Amazon.  From left to right, Gina, me, my nieces Courtney and Kara and Patty my second “sister:)”  Always a fun time when we get together…IMG_6021Aaden, my oldest grandson, enjoying the warmth of the fire:)  We so enjoy having our family around for the holidays…    Buffalo plaid fleece shirt from Crazy EightsIMG_6043A tender moment with Gina, Aaden (reading Diary of  a Wimpy Kid) and my youngest grandson, Parker…  …Grandparents, this is a great book series to get eight year olds and you can order them on Barnes and Noble

IMG_6007The only person I haven’t introduced yet, my awesome son-in-law Tom, is standing in the back on the left!!  Victor is using a remote control to take the photo with my new selfie tripod for iPhones, so much fun!!!





2 thoughts on “Visions of My Christmas

  1. Thank you for hosting us for an awesome Christmas. Our entire family loves spending the holidays with your family and seeing Gina, Tom and the kids was a wonderful bonus!! And of course, thank your family, Carol for including us in their Christmas Eve dinner.


    1. It makes our Christmas all the more special to have “y’all,” from the bottom of my heart, you are our loved ones and you are always welcome!!
      At some point maybe we can start a new tradition in Austin, TX, perhaps New Years???


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