Crunch or Love

Ok, so we’re crazy busy right now, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, last minute shopping… the Crunch is on!!!  It just might help to change our perspective, who are we wrapping, cooking, cleaning, shopping for?  Our Loved ones, whether our family and/or friends. When we are doing these tasks try to do them lovingly with these people in mind,  things don’t have to be perfect, they will love you regardless, your blood pressure will go down and your end result will turn out better because your doing it with heart:).  And don’t forget to take a deep breath…

IMG_5502When I think of my loved ones, I often think of the ones who have passed…Of course my mom is still with us, but my dad has passed…This is their wedding picture, made into an ornament by a sweet ex-girlfriend of my son, V.J.  She spray painted the tiny frame red, put the picture in and hot glued the ribbon to frame!!  It is now my favorite ornament that graces one of my three trees…

IMG_5514And then there are the young ones that receive the magic of the holidays with such enthusiasm, it’s contagious…but sometimes wears us out!!  Just remember to breath, be in the moment with love and the peace and joy will naturally follow:)

polka-dot sweatherOkay now that I have taken many deep breaths and changed my perspective to one of love…I’m ready for our school holiday party…                                                                                I was looking for a festive holiday scarf, found this one on Amazon.   Comfy red pants are Hue corduroy leggings, also from Amazon.  Sweater is “vintage,” could not even find a polka-dot one for reasonable price for you, but I would put a plain black sweater with this outfit, like this one at Old Navy.  Plaid wrapping paper from Home Goods, gift inside leopard scarf for our school Administrative Assistant:)



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