Bringing in Fall

Love decorating my home for fall!!  These are stacked pumpkins on my front porch.  I painted the black and white striped pumpkin. Also, added more leaves on wreath to add fullness.  Bottom pumpkins, wreath and leaves from Michaels
Fall outfit to match pumpkin
Outfit I wear going shopping on brisk fall day:) Pumpkin color jacket by Will Smith, scarf and leopard gloves all from TJ Maxx. Black leggings from H & M. Luggage color boots from Payless.
fall porch wall decor
Rustic basket filled with gourds, on my three seasoned back porch.  I painted an old basket that I found in my attic (good thing about being in your 60’s, you can go shopping in your attic for free!!), gourds, pumpkins and leaves from Michaels
fall porch table
Black gate-leg side table from my attic, I painted it and sanded it to look worn, I love that look!!! Lantern and candle from Christmas Tree Shop , fall leaves and pumpkin from Michaels.
fall porch table and wall decor
Setting I see when I walk into my house:) Nice place to put down                                          coffee cup while I open the door…


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