First blog post

My name is Carolyn, I’m 65 and if I can inspire just a few people through this blog, then it will be well worth the effort. I will post pictures of fashion, home decor, food with recipes, travel, craft projects and some inspirational quotes. My daughter Gina will be my right hand woman, helping me figure out the workings of this blog!!! So here goes, Visions of my 60s…


Gina and I at Starbucks, in the Clearance Section (surprise, surprise!) working on my first blog…


2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Hi Carol Im in nyc. I came across your blogs and read the majority of them Now most people would be out taking in the sites but here i am entrenched in your life. Its 11:33 and more happy with what ive been doing. I took a journey into part of your life and its amazing how i see so many similarities and at the same time we could be different. I felt very comfortable following along as if i were with you. Amazing how time flies i moved into town when i was just 12. and met you and over time moved on to many others but how similar we seem. Kids. Then we grow up. Now ive been revisiting you and your family and wonderfully creative and loving life. You are blessed Im never sure if the last word in end of last sentence is spelled correctly. You are amazingly creative and take the time to do it all. I used to be very much the same but as time goes by im so busy traveling for business with Kevin which i love by the way but doesnt give me the time that i used to have to just be or just enjoy the holidays etc. Or im usually babysitting for my 5 ,3 and 1 yr old so i did learn to let things slide because they are only young for such a short period. You’ve inspired me today and i thank you for that. I know how important so many things are but sometimes we just dont take the time for ourselves or others like we should or want to. Thanks for the memories❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Wow, Kathy, you’re in NYC and you’re reading my blog!!! I’m honored!!! So glad you felt like you were following along with me on my journey, that’s my aim for this blog, to bring people along on my life’s journey and learn together and inspire:) I remember when you moved to town, you were adorable and I have another memory of walking into your kitchen with you and seeing your mother painting flowers on pottery, she was so elegant and doing such a beautiful job:) At our ages we are so busy taking care of our children, grandchildren, parents and spouses!! You are creative, like your mom, it’s that quality that will help you carve out the time, for just 10 minutes a day to do gardening or anything that you love:) Let me know if you find some time and what you’re doing…even writing on a blog is creative😉❤️


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