🇺🇸A Day to Remember and Celebrate🌹

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering those who died while serving our country.  It is currently observed every year on the last Monday of May, so we will celebrate it this Monday, May 28th.  The holiday was originally held on May 30 up until 1970.  Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer vacation season, while Labor Day marks its end.  Many people visit cemeteries and volunteers place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries.   This information is for my blog followers and viewers outside of the United States, who might not know of our traditions and customs:)  I enjoy reading their blogs to understand their customs and get to know their land more fully…I feel it helps us bring the world together:) IMG_2208 2 This picture is of my mom and me visiting my dad’s grave at the Bourne, National Cemetery, last year.  I like to say my dad Continue reading “🇺🇸A Day to Remember and Celebrate🌹”

🌿My Herb Garden and a Handy Tip for Gardening🍓

A photo of my potted herb garden and pots waiting to be revived from a hard winter and spring…   We live near the center of town and the houses in our area do not have much land…our backyard isn’t really a yard at all, it’s a courtyard with a brick patio…there is enough room around the patio for some shrubs and a tree that surround … Continue reading 🌿My Herb Garden and a Handy Tip for Gardening🍓

​🎨Anatomy of an Oil Painting…When Two Spirits Come Together💕​

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 9.24.50 PM    This is a story about how a beautiful oil painting came about…Little did I know when I took
a renaissance like photo of a salmon dinner ingredients for a March post that it would be turned into a lovely oil painting by Antoinette Barnum (top photo from yearbook.)  Toni, as we call her, and I graduated from a Massachusettes high school together in 1970…We were in the same homeroom and art classes together.  Toni was friendly, popular, talented and she was a Continue reading “​🎨Anatomy of an Oil Painting…When Two Spirits Come Together💕​”

🌸An Apple Blossom Event and Mother’s Day💝

So for 5 years, since Gina and Tom have lived in Virginia, we have gone to the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester with them…It is a 1-week long event, but we only go for the weekend of the grand parade, which for 91years has always been on the first weekend of May, and it lasts for about 3 hours!!!   The theme this year was … Continue reading 🌸An Apple Blossom Event and Mother’s Day💝

🏛Visions of Inviting Doors on My Walk Around Town🚪

We live in the historic suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, where some of the houses are from 1700’s to early 1900’s…  We even have one of the oldest wooden house in America, which is close by but not in my neighboorhood…I will do a post on that house at some point, but now enjoy these beautiful old doors in my neighborhood… I thought I would start … Continue reading 🏛Visions of Inviting Doors on My Walk Around Town🚪

✂️Hooked on Rugs and Clothes👚

My last post was about my dad’s handmade clocks…to give my mom equal time, this post is about my mom’s hooked or handmade oriental rugs…IMG_9405This is the first out of many rugs that my mom made, this one she kept for herself, it’s one of the largest she made being 3X5 feet…  I’ll try to briefly explain how she made them, at her age of 98, it’s hard for her to remember the process…  First, she picked the style rug she wanted, it comes on mesh fabric with the pattern stamped on it, similar to needlepoint… then she chose the color scheme for the wool yarn.  She made these rugs on a big Continue reading “✂️Hooked on Rugs and Clothes👚”